Westport Writers’ Workshop – 9A


The Westport Writers’ Workshop is a non profit, independent literary arts center that offers high quality creative writing classes, community events and outreach to underserved and special populations.

Because …
  • You are serious about your writing.
  • You have a story you wish to tell.
  • You enrich your writing by sharing your work with other serious writers like yourself.
  • You want to develop your craft and improve your writing skills.
  • Having a weekly deadline in which to share your work in a supportive, enthusiastic setting gets you writing.
  • Writing fulfills and transports you like nothing else!
  • Adult workshops are limited to writers 18 and over.
  • Teenagers – check out our workshops for High School students
  • If you are interested in a workshop that is marked FILLED please call the office to discuss an alternative or a possible second section.

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