Art for Healing




Hartford Hospital’s ART for Healing pilot program invites you to our 2-day group therapy sessions!


Where: Farmington Valley Arts Center, 25 Arts Center Ln, Avon, CT Studio 4A

zoe-foundationWho: Cancer survivors and Caregivers

When: Both Friday November 11& 18, 1-3 pm

Fee: FREE, donations accepted.

Register: or call (860) 972-1888 (minimum 3 / maximum 12)



Utilizing donated tiles from Boston’s Artaic Company, a factory that funds large-scale murals for healthcare centers; we will use this two-day workshop for individual unique mosaic mirrors.

Throughout this process, we will work on identity empowerment in cancer survivors and caregivers. No artistic ability is required.



What is Art for Healing?
This program allows patients to express themselves and process their hospital experience in a creative way. Creativity through art is a process that connects our inner selves with life’s experiences. It can be a soothing and stress-reducing way to promote wellness.

While working with an artist, patients visualize and create images that allow them to participate in their own healing. Creativity enhances the body’s and mind’s ability to work with any form of medical treatment.

  • Sessions are provided by the Volunteer Creativity Coaches
  • Sessions are complimentary
  • Patients: To request a session, notify your nurse or caregiver


  • Relaxation and stress reduction
  • Use of the imagination to transform pain and tension
  • Heightened sense of empowerment and well-being
  • Better ability to process grief and trauma
  • A focus to provide a sense of purpose and meaning documenting our experience


Who can participate?
The act of creating art facilitates the quieting of the mind and the slowing down of the body. Anyone who feels they might benefit is welcome. No artistic ability is necessary – just allow your imagination to be there!