Camino Project – brings the joy of art to children and their families

The Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago, often called “The Way of Saint James” is a 600-mile, ancient pathway across northern Spain. The journey begins in France, at Saint Jean Piedde Port. Cindy and John will travel over the Pyrenees Mountains and across the countryside, walking through small villages and large cities including Pamplona and Santiago de Compostela. The Journey is complete when they reach the Atlantic Ocean at Finisterre, “The End of the World.” Thousands of pilgrims from all walks of life, religious beliefs, and far off lands travel the Camino for their own deeply personal reasons.

Cindy and John

Mid August through mid October, FVAC’s own Director of Development, Cindy Ingram and her husband, John Alden, will leave their home in Avon, Connecticut with stones in their pocket. For hundreds of years pilgrims have carried these simple stones, which symbolize their life’s burdens. Cindy and John will carry their own burdens, as well as the burdens of others. Three quarters of the way along their walk, Cindy and John will reach Cruz de Ferro. They will empty their pockets of stones given to them by their family and friends, as well as artists participating in this project. The artists will be inspired to create art as a result of this act of “letting go.” Their burdens will be left in Spain and their pieces will be in an art exhibit at FVAC entitled “Inspired by the Camino.”

Inspired by the Camino Art Show

Opening Reception November 3, 12-4 PM

Almost 50 artists, representing 6 states and 2 countries have come together for this special culminating event. Artists are inspired by the Camino de Santiago and the custom of "letting go of life's burdens." This multi-disciplinary installation also brings a new era of technology to The Farmington Valley Arts Center. Visitors are encouraged to bring their cell phones with QR scanners to lead themselves through a self-guided tour. Personal and engaging video artist statements explore the diversity of burdens and the art that expresses them.

Meet the Camino Artists

Saturday, November 10, 6-8 PM
Meet the Camino Artists Panel Discussion

The Camino project has been an incredible endeavor that has brought together about 50 artists from 6 states and 2 countries. It's a 600 mile hike across Spain, the filming of a documentary and a culminating art show. It's also an impressive fundraising campaign to create a new scholarship for children and families in the Farmington Valley.

Our very own Director of Development, Cindy Ingram has turned this idea into reality. Why the Camino de Santiago? Who are all the artists involved, and what were they doing behind the scenes? How did the Camino Project utilize technology to bring everyone together via Google Drive? What is a QR code?

This is an informative panel discussion that answers these questions and more. Light refreshments provided. $10 donation requested.

The Camino Film Project

Film Premiere on Friday, November 16, 2018
Showings 6, 7 and 8 PM (approx. 35 minutes long with Q and A following each showing.)

During this year's Candlelight Holiday Stroll, we will be debuting the short documentary film created by Cindy Ingram and Directed/Produced by Emmy award winning, FVAC Studio Artist, Robert Abbott. This documentary follows the 600 mile hike, Cindy and her husband take along the Camino de Santiago ancient pilgrimage across Northern Spain. While they walk, the film also follows the artistic journey of many artists as they explore the "letting go of life's burdens."

New Scholarship Program

The entire Camino project is a FVAC fundraiser to create a new scholarship program for children and their families in the Farmington Valley. Funds raised through this project will enable many eager artists to take FVAC classes of their choice regardless of their ability to pay. Please help us bring the joy of art to many young people and their families, who without this scholarship program may never have the opportunity to explore their artistic talents and creative self.
We ask you to pledge your support for this impressive endeavor “per mile” that Cindy and John complete. Starting in France, through the official Camino de Santiago, and the final trek to the “End of the World,” we estimate the walk to be 600 miles in total.

Thank you for your Support!

Pledge your support today, then follow Cindy and John along… THE WAY!

$1.00 per mile : $600

$0.75 per mile : $450

$0.50 per mile : $300

$0.25 per mile : $150

$0.10 per mile : $60

$0.05 per mile : $30

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