Learning to Let Go - Mixed Media Workshop (Watercolor, colored pencil & crayon)

Date: Saturday & Sunday, April 1 & 2, 2023
Time: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM (bring a lunch)
Location: Classroom 5A
Instructor: Lori Racicot
Level: All levels welcome
Tuition: $170, Members save 10%
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Class Description

On the first day, Lori will guide students, no matter their level, through exploratory exercises using various mediums, including watercolor. Using nature as a guide, working from photos and/or objects that students bring in, we will focus on the process, not the product, as we embrace the unpredictability of watercolor, incorporate other mediums, let go, make mistakes, discover insights, and grow as artists. Students will use their discoveries on the second day to create small studies or paintings.

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About the Instructor

Lori Racicot will discuss how experimenting with mixed media, including watercolor, has helped her grow as an artist. Living in Connecticut, inspiration for Lori's paintings is everywhere. Walking in the woods, on beaches, through farm fields, by rivers, and up mountains brings her close to the subject matter.
Using bold colors, lines, and shapes, her paintings capture the emotion of her subjects, invite others in, evoke memories, and start a dialogue about shared experiences.
Thriving on variety, her work goes from the familiar to the abstract and back again. She begins the creative process by keenly observing her surroundings and contemplating how she feels about the subject and what she wants to express. This allows her to intuitively create authentic pieces that capture her interpretation of the subject matter influenced by her experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Visit Lori's Website