Ally Rusgrove

Ally Rusgrove is the current Artist in Residence at the Farmington Valley Arts Center.

Ally's work explores the correlation between color, texture, and memories through painted portraits accented with fiber. Initially, Ally began as a painter. After working on some embroidery projects, she decided to blend the ideas together and approach an inter-disciplinary style. She paints portraits using vivid atypical colors and accent the paintings with fiber (yarn or thread).

Artist Statement
My fixation with self-portraiture is a product of my passion for self-exploration and the human form. During the creative process, I find myself working on the face first and feeling the urge to neglect the rest of the composition, as my main interest is the portrait itself and what it reveals to the viewers. Regarding my recent work, I have focused on exploring myself through the use of a variety of media: specifically, paint and fiber. By intertwining these materials, I have developed a cohesive body of work which investigates my thought processes and identity.

Studio 3B


Painted portraits accented with fiber

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