Christy Corey – Studio 9B

Artist Statement
The vastness of a landscape ignites a sense of wilderness and possibility within the human spirit. The feeling of standing immersed in a wooded, foggy area, differs from the feeling of sitting by an open lake in the early morning with mist gliding over the surface of the water. Whether I am depicting a moment of tranquility or a moment of drama, I aim to pinpoint the mood of the scene and accentuate it. The goal of my paintings is to create a sense of humility and adventure within the viewer.

I work from a combination of photograph and plein air, experimenting with color and gestural brushstrokes. My subjects are landscapes as near as my own back yard and as far as Italy and while I have an emotional connection rooted in these places, the purpose of my work is not to represent the appearance of the place but to immerse the viewer in the emotional beauty I witnessed. If a scene has resonated with me, I reflect on what has impacted me and work to replicate authentic emotion.
Studio 9B

Landscape Paintings in Oil and Watercolor


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