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Yarn that tells a story...

Hi! My name is Rebecca Picoult and I am the owner and dyer behind Fuse Fiber Studio. My studio is in an old factory building in Avon, CT where they once manufactured safety fuses for mining. Hence the name Fuse Fiber Studio! I love playing with different and unexpected color combinations and treat each skein of yarn that I dye like its own work of art.

My colors are all based on things that I love -- like places I've traveled, my favorite books, funny family memories and my favorite things in nature. Every color tells a story. For example, "Canyons" is based on our travels out west. "Superflash" is based on one of my kids' favorite books "Tooth Gnasher Superflash." "Esprit" is based on all of the awesome pastel 80's fashions we used to wear. And "A White Horse Named Magic" is the name my middle son gave to the horse he wanted us to buy him when he was 3. (He never got the horse, but the name lives on!)

I hope you find something that speaks to you and helps you tell your story! Happy Knitting!

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Fiber artist: hand-dyed yarn and knitting pattern design.

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