Meghan Shanley Waskowitz – 3B

For as long as I can remember, I have been creating. Whether it was drawing, calligraphy, painting, or sewing, I have preferred to do it myself, than to buy it or pay someone else to do it. My mother was always saying, perhaps out of necessity, " Oh, we can make that! ". But it instilled a sense of confidence in me to create. My father was a sign painter with a studio in our barn, and it was there that I developed a love of letters and how they play off of each other when combined to form words. As a young adult, I didn't think it was possible to pursue a career in the arts, so I took the science route. I brought what creativity I could in to the field of nursing and loved it. While raising our children and no longer in the work force, I began to study oil painting. It has been fun developing my skills and my understanding of the painting process. There is something magical and powerful in watching an empty canvas come to life from my hands and heart. I get mesmerized by how light travels across objects and creates a design, intensity and beauty . One of my goals is to really capture that moment of light as it interconnects all that it touches.

In addition to painting in oils (landscapes, still lifes and animals), I have much experience in painting with acrylics on glass, walls, furniture and mixed media. I was a participating artist for the Dog Daze of New Hartford. My most fun project to date was that of restoring and reviving an old aluminum carousel horse back to life as a gift for my mother.
In my studio, in addition to painting in oils, I plan to use the space to expand in different mediums. I plan to do some decorative furniture painting as well as accent pieces. Custom work may be an option.

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Studio 3B

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