Naomi Nevo Ben Ari

Naomi Nevo Ben Ari is an Israeli-born, Connecticut-based artist.

Her work has been exhibited at venues such as The Mystic Museum of Art, Abigail Ogilvy Gallery, and Ely Center of Contemporary Art.

As a finalist in the 2019 AXA Art Prize exhibition, her work was also shown in San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago, and New York Academy of Art, New York City.

Nevo Ben Ari has been featured in Artscope and The Connecticut Landscape Architect, and is the recipient of Art Show International’s Still Life Merit Prize, and a recipient of the Jeffrey A. Shoham Purchase prize at the University of Hartford.

She received a BLA from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, and a BFA from the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford in Connecticut.

Nevo Ben Ari teaches art at the New England Jewish Academy.

Studio 3B

Painting, Drawing, 3D



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