Trae Brooks

Trae is the current Artist in Residence at the Farmington Valley Arts Center

Artist statement:
My work is an investigation of longing and broken ties. I attempt to find closure and intimacy with those that have become strangers rather than kin. With each layer of paint added to the unstretched canvas, I search for the figure. Unspoken conversations that I yearn to have with them but too afraid to make manifest in real life. Instead, I use marks, words, paint and worn fabrics; imbuing these materials with meaning --personal love letters that I keep close to my heart.

As I continue to explore my family genealogy, I made the realization that I was having a hard time connecting with them. While it can be due to the physical distance, I felt like there was something deeper. I have been searching for something that has been eluding me this entire time. Deeper than just familial affection. An intimacy that has been missing from my life for a while now. And while I still feel this missing connection, I realize that what I have been searching for all this time was myself. The disconnection I often feel with my family is the result of the disconnection I feel with myself. Distracting myself from asking the important questions: Who am I? Where do I belong? What do I want? I only have the pieces, but not the whole. Piecing
together what is lost, to mend, to unmake the self, to make something new. Using fabric as a means of reconnecting with the past, keeping the tradition alive. Piecing together fragments of the past in the hopes that it will shape the future. The exploration of my true self.

Studio 3B


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