Ying Ye

Ying Ye is the current Artist in Residence at the Farmington Valley Arts Center

Artist statement:
Ying Ye is a Chinese artist who takes her family tradition of cooking into her artistry and explores the role of cooking and food in her life as an immigrant. She makes ceramics, sculptures, installations, performance art, and paintings. She is concerned with cultural identity and how themes of place, home, and diaspora can take form through the language of contemporary art. Ye incorporates “cooking” into her materials and art, making projects that are persuasive and thought-provoking while creating ways to question and challenge social norms and conventional uses of ordinary objects between Chinese and American cultures to examine identity and embodiment. Also, she is interested in exploring the themes of urban development and relocation policies in China through site-specific art projects and installation performances incorporating a range of materials such as neon, brick, ice, sugar, and cooking supplies. In her installation performances, she performs and interacts with the audience, and the artificiality of her performance is made more obvious by the repetition of its actions. As an artist of color, Ye strongly believes that her body itself is already a place of politics.

Studio 3B



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