Sketching Outdoors

Date: 10 Thursdays, April 20 - June 22, 2023
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: On location communicated by the instructor. The first class will meet outdoors at FVAC.
Instructor: Maurice Casas
Level: All
Tuition: $270, Members save 10%
Cancellation Policy


Class Description

Sketching outdoors is an amazing and creative form of drawing that is perfect for artists of ANY skill level - one of the most relaxing ways to document the world around you. Sketching outdoors is about drawing while on location in specific areas of our community. You can sketch out your local art center, museums, landmarks, parks, almost anything using any media. You will also learn some techniques for creating quick and lively urban scenes.
We will meet outdoors in specific locations communicated by the instructor before each class.

7x10 or 9x12 sketch pad - any brand
2B and 4B pencils - any brand
soft eraser
black ballpoint pen
watercolors and/or colored pencils - any brand
waterproof black ink - any brand
small round painting brush - any brand

About the Instructor
Maurice Casas’ art is a result of several years of experimentation and a search for identity. The fusion of these two disciplines and his sensitivity have given him a new vision for color and design. His work creates an environment of invented realms and is juxtaposed between past and present. He uses semi-abstract and figurative mark-making to create tension between reality and fanciful. Maurice has developed a unique and colorful language with its own vocabulary using Pre-Columbian Art, Iconography, and Architecture elements. Originally from Colombia in South America, Maurice has attended Colegio Antonio Narino and New York City Technical College. He has lived in the United States for 35 years, where he has worked as a Visual Artist and Architectural Designer.

Phone: 321-202-3669