Online The Art of Smartphone Photography

Date: 4 Thursdays, February 4-25, 2021
Time: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Location: Zoom
Instructor: Andy Mars
Recommended Age: 11-15+
Tuition: $95 Non-Members / $85.50 Members

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Class Description

Students will learn how to take better photos using their smartphone and/or iPad. They will learn how to use fun apps to turn their photos into photo paintings that will wow their friends and family. Have your Smartphone and/or iPad charged and remember your id/passwords for downloading free apps. Please have the free apps Snapseed and Dropbox downloaded before the first class.

Requirement: Smartphone and/or iPad
Note: All students are required to use a second device (any computer/tablet/iPad) during class so they can use their Smartphone/iPad to work on apps during class time on Zoom.

This class will meet online via Zoom
You will receive a link to join the virtual classroom with your registration confirmation.
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About the Instructor

Andy Mars is a freelance photographer, photo artist & instructor: She photographs events (specializing in weddings), people and pets. She is a photography instructor teaching classes & workshops in digital photography, iPhoneography, mixed media photography and computer file organization & workflow. Her work has been exhibited at the Memorial Arts Museum in Rochester, NY, Manhattan and CT galleries and various Soho Gallery restaurants. Visit  Andy's website.