Marc Rifkin

Artist Statement:
As an artist who works with soft pastels and acrylics, I strive to breathe life into each painting. My preferred style is loose, & expressive, and involves layering, texturing, and altering elements of the work such as color & light. Each pastel swipe or brushstroke transforms pigment into experience. It is not enough to merely depict a scene so the viewer can see what I saw. I want the viewer to see what I felt.

One of my goals during my residency is to explore other styles of painting, including interpretive, primitive/naive, and mixed media.

After years in the corporate world, Marc decided to search for a new calling and discovered the worlds of festival/event production, small theater, and a unique, community-based art organization that painted murals, built parade floats, and brought hands-on art to the public. His resume now includes Production Manager of a pyrotechnic festival, inaugural Board Member of a Seattle Center arts festival, Sponsorship Director of a large annual festival, and Venue Manager at Seattle's largest summer festival. In 2019 Marc moved to CT and immersed himself in various art classes. As the current Artist in Residence at FVAC Marc is looking forward to growing as an artist, collaborating with fellow artists, and introducing visitors to art.

Studio 3B

Painting (soft pastels & acrylic)



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