Drezner Gallery

The Esther B. Drezner Visitors’ Gallery showcases artists’ work in a variety of media. Exhibitions of local and regional artists are featured in solo and group exhibitions. Scroll down to see past exhibitions. ↓

Also, stop by in the Fisher Gallery where the Fisher Front Space is dedicated to small solo exhibitions by area artisans and artists. Small works, limited edition series and unique one-of-a-kind functional and art objects are included for exhibitions in Front Space. Hand-picked by our curator Elena Gibson, Front Space is dedicated to bringing the best of Connecticut to the Farmington Valley. Expect the unexpected in this intimate and dynamic space! off to Front Space →


MONDAY-FRIDAY: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
SATURDAY: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
And by appointment

May 2022

Seeing Color & Light
Mari Skarp-Bogli and Charles Dmytriw


Exhibit Dates: May 7 - 28, 2022
Opening Reception: May 7 (2-4 pm)

"Mari Skarp-Bogli's recent work incorporates raw industrial materials used throughout the building industry. Pine, paper, cardboard, aluminum, steel, copper, brass, industrial abrasives and adhesives are common materials creating mixed media three-dimensional ‘paintings’ that include pure elemental form and detritus."

Visit Mari's Website: https://www.mariskarpbogli.com/

Charles Dmytriw: "I have been an abstract painter for eleven years. I am inspired by nature, color and light. I try to express what I see and to use paint and canvas to demonstrate the emotions which nature and life have on me.
For me, art is an affirmation of life, and painting and photography are the media I use to express that belief."

Visit Charles' Website: https://www.charlesdmytriw.com/

June 2022

Artist in Residence Exhibit
Marc Rifkin


Exhibit Dates: June 4 - 25, 2022

You are cordially invited to the solo exhibition of our current Artist in Residence Marc Rifkin.

After years in the corporate world, Marc decided to search for a new calling and discovered the worlds of festival/event production, small theater, and a unique, community-based art organization that painted murals, built parade floats, and brought hands-on art to the public. His resume now includes Production Manager of a pyrotechnic festival, inaugural Board Member of a Seattle Center arts festival, Sponsorship Director of a large annual festival, and Venue Manager at Seattle's largest summer festival. In 2019 Marc moved to CT and immersed himself in various art classes. As the current Artist in Residence at FVAC Marc is looking forward to growing as an artist, collaborating with fellow artists, and introducing visitors to art.

Artist Statement: As an artist who works with soft pastels and acrylics, I strive to breathe life into each painting. My preferred style is loose, & expressive, and involves layering, texturing, and altering elements of the work such as color & light. Each pastel swipe or brushstroke transforms pigment into experience. It is not enough to merely depict a scene so the viewer can see what I saw. I want the viewer to see what I felt.

One of my goals during my residency is to explore other styles of painting, including interpretive, primitive/naive, and mixed media.

About the Artist in Residence Program:
The Farmington Valley Arts Center (FVAC) launched the Artist in Residence Program in 2008 and has continued to support emerging local artists. This program provides a studio for selected artists to expand the parameters of their chosen medium, to explore new directions in their work, and to enhance their creative vision as part of the FVAC studio artist community. The Artist in Residence Program is made possible through the generosity of The Stanley D. and Hinda N. Fisher Foundation.


October 2022

FVAC Student Show 2022


Exhibit Date: October 1 - 29, 2022
Opening Reception: October 8 (2-4 pm)

Drezner Visitors’ Gallery at the Farmington Valley Arts Center is pleased to host the Students Exhibit 2022. The show features artwork in a variety of subject matter and media including painting, drawing, photography, clay, and 3D work created by the students of FVAC over 2021-22.