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The Esther B. Drezner Visitors’ Gallery showcases artists’ work in a variety of media. Exhibitions of local and regional artists are featured in solo and group exhibitions. Scroll down to see past exhibitions. ↓

Also, stop by in the Fisher Gallery where the Fisher Front Space is dedicated to small solo exhibitions by area artisans and artists. Small works, limited edition series and unique one-of-a-kind functional and art objects are included for exhibitions in Front Space. Hand-picked by our curator Elena Gibson, Front Space is dedicated to bringing the best of Connecticut to the Farmington Valley. Expect the unexpected in this intimate and dynamic space! off to Front Space →

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Current Drezner Exhibit


Paul Greco Statement
I have been working on a special series for many years consisting of acrylic on found metal that seems to come to me in a synchronistic way. One of the things I am influenced by are symbols and ancient Hieroglyphics from around the world. I’ve studied Ancient Sumerian and other cultures such as Mayan, Native American & The Inuit People from the American North West. I treat these metal as if they were “Artifacts”. Originally, the series started as single paintings and have evolved into Diptychs, Triptychs, and Mosaics. These paintings are uniquely shaped pieces of found metal from all around NY. Paul uses a hard-edged style, black & white symbols that are a mixture of Geometric & Biomorphic.

Paul Greco has been creating his artwork since he was a child and has many other interests including his deep love for Animals & Nature. Paul attended The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan with a focus on Sculpture & Painting.
For this particular Exhibition “To Do is to Dare” Paul will be including a variety of work from different years and media. Paul concentrates mostly on abstract paintings, collages, and sculptures but, he will include his representational “Portrait of Tina” and his found metal figurative sculpture titled: “Extraterrestrial Biological Entity #1” (EBE # 1”).

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Eleanor Goldstein Statement
Goldstein’s work evokes emotion through the investigation of both natural and urban environments, exploring themes of death and rebirth throughout. Her subjects are drawn from the striking industrial landscapes and transcendent forms from nature that she encounters. She is particularly interested in the cyclical relationship of decay and rejuvenation in her urban surroundings. The deterioration of these exciting icons of our progress is captured in a variety of media.
Much of her recent work has been in watercolor, which is as responsive and moving as her subjects.
These images flow freely between the abstract and the real, and light is used both to inform and to obscure. The viewer is invited to journey to places that are almost familiar.

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Upcoming Drezner Exhibit


2D 3D: Shape and Color

Open call for a juried exhibition in Drezner Visitors' Gallery. All 2D and 3D art media in any color and shape are welcome!

Submission info and form here.

Exhibit Dates: December 7, 2019 - January 18, 2020

Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony: December 7, 2019 (2-4 pm)

Artists' Talk: January 18, 2020 (2-4 pm)