ARTFORMS began in 2016 as an art program for those living with MS. Initially, the program was designed to make all forms of art available to people of all abilities by offering a series of subsidized classes specifically for the MS Community. These classes were reported to help participants feel more relaxed, combat depression, and exercise fine motor skills. Group classes also provided an opportunity to connect with others in an informal social setting and celebrate the joy of creation. “Art for MS” soon evolved into a program that benefitted a much broader population, prompting the name change to ARTFORMS.

Fast forward to 2022: Phase 2
The pandemic brought our class delivery model to a grinding halt, so we went back to the drawing board to devise a plan that would remain true to our mission, would impact a larger segment of our community, and most importantly, be sustainable.

Scholarships for Artists of all Disciplines Facing Individual Challenges
We are pleased to announce that we will roll out our new ARTFORMS scholarship program later this year. Scholarships will range from $500 to $1,000 and are intended to fund project-related expenses, art supplies, recordings, studio time, exhibits, performances, residencies, etc. It will be a rolling grant application process with semi-annual deadlines, and funding requests for remote programs and projects are also welcomed. This is our way of sowing seeds in the community that we believe will grow and blossom. Stay tuned for more details!