We are delighted to announce that the ARTFORMS program is setting up a fully accessible headquarters beginning June 1, 2023!
Our new space is 8C Canal Court, located in the red stone buildings directly across from the Farmington Valley Arts Center studios and classrooms.

Our History

ARTFORMS was conceived in 2016 as a program to provide art opportunities for those living with MS. Initially, it was designed to make all forms of art available to people of all abilities by offering a series of classes created specifically for the MS Community. These classes were reported to help participants escape daily challenges, combat depression, and exercise fine motor skills. Group classes also provided a place to connect with others in an informal social setting and celebrate the joy of creation. “Art for MS” soon evolved into a program that benefitted a broader population, prompting the name change to ARTFORMS.

2018: Phase 1
Art classes were offered at Ojakian Commons, Mt. Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital and other community locations. This was our pilot program to explore need, demand and ease of delivery.

2020: Phase 2
The pandemic brought our class delivery model to a grinding halt, so we went back to the drawing board to devise a plan that would remain true to our mission, would impact a larger segment of our community, and most importantly, be sustainable.

2023 Phase 3
We are in the process of setting up our new space and will begin planning a series of class and workshop offerings over the summer.

Contact helen.thomas@artforms.org