Steve Kaplan

Artist Statement
I have been working with hardwoods for 40 years, starting when I made my first pieces of furniture – partly from necessity and partly because of creative attractions. In 1976 I made a kitchen table, a sofa and an easy chair for our first apartment, all wood-framed. Law school, raising a family, and a full-time law practice displaced my woodworking avocation for the next 25 years. I resumed making wood furniture about 6 years ago— hardwood “slat” benches and tables, rustic birch chairs, and a series of “floating tables” (highly finished hardwood boards “floating” in a frame of bark-covered limbs). Lately, I’ve been deconstructing broken chairs and reconfiguring them with “rudimentary” pieces of hardwood in various finished forms. I love harvesting odd limbs and branches of birch, oak, ash and maple trees and integrating them into stylized tables and chairs.

Columbia University (B.A., 1974)
University of Massachusetts (M.A., 1978)
University of Connecticut (J.D., 1982)

Studio 6A

Wood Furniture and Accessories


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