Jordan Alexandre

Drowning Deer Has Idea by Jordan Alexandre

Artist Statement
I am an artist based out of Connecticut. My mediums include, but are not limited to, wood, metal, fabric, paper, and my favorite being, ink. To me, my art is surreal and abstract with a psychiatric twist. It resembles inkblots created and coined by Swiss psychologist and psychoanalyst H. Rorschach. Like Rorschach, I am curious about the viewer's perspective of how the minimalistic lines and dashes take shape in the viewer's eye and so I ask, “What do you see?” It is the imagination of the viewer that excites me.

The potential of their life experiences influences what appears concrete, but with one flip of the inkblot, their perspective can change. Within my art, I like to remind the viewer that life is ever-changing and most importantly, perspective changes through time. I too can see my creations change weeks after I have brought them to life. It is a reminder for me and hopefully the observer to be less rigid, be open and take life lightly. It seems as of late; the world is divisive. My desire for my art is to offer an opportunity, a moment, where two people can both see each other's perspectives as valid and true. To perhaps open a person to consider that each person’s life is a unique experience, no two people will be the same. To consider that from one moment to one's entire life, perspectives evolve. I would like my art to be a bridge between people where each can pose a simple question, in an almost childlike fashion, “What do you see?”

There are recurring characters within my work that play into my own personal loves of Samurai, Japanese culture, nature, fishermen, God, Death, family, and My Love. The titles for my works are often noticeably short lines of poetry that elude what I personally see, my view of the inkblot and psychoanalysis. In addition, the lines of poetry are pieces of a bigger story. It is my goal to expand the narrative beyond the title and not to box my work into one frame. But rather, open the conversation to multiple frames, multiple possibilities, multiple perspectives, and most importantly, that each is both equally true. Hopefully, leading to an even bigger question of why are we so fixated on our differences, when there is so much more that connects us and is the same...

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The Farmer by Jordan Alexandre

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