Art adds so much to our lives. Vibrancy, color, shapes, and designs... they surround us. Art arouses our curiosity, we take a moment and ponder. We should be so thankful that so much beauty surrounds us. It entertains us.

With having a love for patterns, color, and design I ventured into the craft of floor cloths. The possibilities are endless. I love the fact that they bring cleanliness and functionality into our lives. Ease as well. Carpets and rugs harbor dust, bacteria, and mites. Not to mention the germs our families bring home. Floorcloths, however, are different. The ease comes from a few swipes with a soft clean cloth, and once again fresh and clean! Protect your precious floors and add a little life into your room.

If you have an idea, I have the means. Let's make it a reality! Or maybe you prefer the pride in making your very own floorcloth... I offer classes. Email me either way at

Studio 11B

Handcrafted Floorcloths


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