Stefanie Baechler

Artist Statement
My body of work combines sculptural ceramics and acrylic paintings with spontaneous expression to investigate themes of fleeting thoughts, feelings, and moods. I have always found myself drawn back to shifts in thought. I place value in spontaneous artmaking while grounding myself through mindful prompts. Through this, I explore why a mood or thought manifests itself in my work. Gino Severini and Joseph Stella's geometric and abstracted works have always resonated with me. While an unexpected source of inspiration, I find that these artists were able to translate action and emotion into expressive and vibrant works.
I strive to translate mundane and extraordinary emotions, worries, and cares into pensive expressions in clay and on canvas. My pieces gaze at the viewer, sometimes shyly, other times unabashed. Each ceramic creature and abstract painting brings their own energy and appearance, their forms familiar but not the same. I enjoy creating artworks that allow the viewer to develop their own narrative, a vessel that they can mirror their own thoughts in.
My primary goal for this residency is to explore figurative expression through ceramic sculpture and abstract painting.

Stefanie Baechler graduated from CCSU with a bachelor's degree in art education and English as a Second Language. During the school year, Stefanie teaches art to 3rd through 6th graders in the Winchester Public school district. Since her college years, Stefanie has been teaching youth art classes, leading art adventure programs, and instructing art parties at the Farmington Valley Arts Center. Her work focuses on capturing fleeting and spontaneous emotions through colorful abstract figures and paintings.

Studio 3B

Ceramic Sculpture, Mixed Media, Illustration


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