Max Holsbeke

Untitled 2023 4’ x 4’
Oil, Acrylic, Photo Chemicals on Canvas

Max Holsbeke, a recent graduate of the Hartford Art School in 2023, holds a BFA degree in painting. His artistic expression revolves around large-scale abstract paintings, crafted meticulously using a diverse array of materials such as acrylic, oil, house paint, and charcoal. With a profound dedication to exploring the creative process, Max's works strive to capture both visual allure and emotional authenticity.

Employing a layered approach, Max delves into the intricate interplay between lines and colors within his paintings. Unconventionally, he chooses to work on the floor, physically engaging with the canvas by stepping over it while applying his artistic touch. This dynamic method imbues his creative process with a remarkable sense of liberation, steering clear of worry and delicacy. In this way, Max allows each artwork to guide its own trajectory, fostering a fluid and organic conversation between himself and his creations.

Beyond his prowess in painting, Max also possesses a keen eye for photography. His lens captures compelling action shots of the vibrant skateboarding scene in Connecticut. These captivating photographs find a home in "CT RIP," a zine that Max meticulously designs and produces. Through this venture, he merges his passion for photography with his broader artistic pursuits, further expanding his creative repertoire.

Studio 3B

Photography and Painting

maxholsbeke@gmail. com



Untitled 2 (conjuncture and intuition series) 2023 5’ x 7’
Oil, Acrylic, House Paint, Charcoal, Glue, Stripping Gel on Canvas

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