Sue Nooney

Artist Statement

I have found my passion in silversmithing. After enrolling in classes at the CT School of Jewelry Art under Emily Cohen and Mike Pundy, I was hooked. I also explored gem faceting with Allen Petersen of Middle Earth Lapidary and started on this journey by sharing a studio with Mary Steele, my mentor, of Blue Acorn Studios. I credit these individuals with sharing their skills and opening the door to a new adventure for me. I need a creative outlet and this suits me perfectly. Silversmithing holds endless possibilities and just as many tools to be had. If not hammering or filing, soldering, or polishing, I am reading, watching videos, anything that inspires new ideas to explore. I am fully immersed in this venture and my enthusiasm continues infinitely. Please visit me in Studio 7A; the only thing contagious is the enthusiasm.

Studio 7A - All That Sparkles

Jewelry Designer



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